Investment Opportunities In Ghana

  • Top-tier Real Estate Investment & Management Firm

    Wingpace, founded in 2009, is a fully integrated real estate Investor and Asset Manager

  • Top-tier Real Estate Investment & Management Firm

    Wingpace seeks income and capital appreciation through a diverse portfolio of real estate investments

  • Top-tier Real Estate Investment & Management Firm

    Wingpace has a history of identifying real estate investment opportunities through its network of strategic relationships.

  • Residential

    Our approach is hands-on, targeting properties that we believe are undervalued, and where value can be created through focused operational and financial management. We seek smaller, more entrepreneurial transactions that are affordable for individual investors.
  • Student Housing

    Wingpace is a leading provider of student accommodation in Greater Accra. Our mission is to provide strong and consistent returns to help our clients meet their investment objectives and preserve initial investment capital.
  • Commercial

    Wingpace invests and manages commercial property across Ghana. Investors can choose from individually tailored solutions in a modular concept ranging from solely asset management services to fully managed master fund vehicle.
  • Hotel

    Wingpace is seeking to partner with one of the world's leading hospitality companies to create a global hotel brand with a super-luxury product offering. We are recognized as a trustworthy and dependable business partner in Ghana.
  • Wingpace is an independent investment firm focused on fundamentally-based private and public market strategies. We seek investments forecasted to yield mid- to high-teen returns.We are opportunistic investors who invest alongside our clients on equal terms and conditions.
  • Wingpace has successfully invested and managed approximately $25 million of capital in real estate assets in Ghana

  • The firm has an excellent track record of doing business in Ghana, and has partnered with some of the most recognised names in the industry

  • Wingpace is a 100% employee-owned, specialist real estate investment and asset management firm

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